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Short Answer Questions

1. Wooden believes that working toward a goal (aka, the "destination") should be what?

2. What does Wooden believe gives you a greater sense of achievement once it's been faced?

3. What does Wooden believe is greater than failure?

4. Wooden says what about the thought of himself dying?

5. Where does Wooden feel personal glory comes into play when it comes to being on a team?

Short Essay Questions

1. For Wooden, "success" isn't defined by money or fame. How is it described?

2. Why does Wooden think working toward a goal should be a first concern for someone who wants to be successful?

3. Why does Wooden disagree with the Webster's dictionary term for success?

4. Why do Wooden's brothers all become teachers?

5. What does Wooden believe can happen if a person focuses too much on success?

6. Wooden's primary love is not basketball. What is it?

7. How does Wooden feel about the players who didn't become famous as opposed to the ones who did become famous?

8. How does Wooden describe his parents?

9. Why does Wooden make his team members have the same hair cut and uniform?

10. Describe how Wooden feels about the concept of "role models"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Wooden doesn't come out and directly state everything; instead, he allows the reader to make some inferences. What can the reader infer about the following topics based on what's written throughout "Wooden"? Be specific in your answer.

1. Wooden's relationship with his children.

2. Wooden's relationship with Kareem Abdul-Jabar.

3. Wooden's personal library.

4. Wooden's method of writing "Wooden."

Essay Topic 2

What are three ways that Wooden tries to empower the reader of "Wooden" to try to be his or her best? (Example: Wooden uses Abraham Lincoln's life as a tool to motivate readers to become more like Lincoln.)

Essay Topic 3

Wooden describes his pyramid of success using the power of imagery and allusion. How else is imagery and allusion used in another place in "Wooden"? (Example: The image/allusion of the basketball team as a family.)

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