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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Wooden try to do with his players' internal prides?
(a) Get rid of them.
(b) Learn from them.
(c) Keep them intact.
(d) Help them grow.

2. When things don't turn out as we want them to, Wooden suggests that we rely on what?
(a) His physical representation of success.
(b) A mentor's guidance.
(c) His book, "Wooden."
(d) Faith.

3. What does Wooden ensure about every player's shoes?
(a) That they look uniform to everyone else's shoes.
(b) That they have a thick sole.
(c) That they are clean at all times.
(d) That they are the correct size.

4. Wooden teaches his players but he also does what?
(a) Prays with them.
(b) Gives them dinner every Sunday.
(c) Learns from them.
(d) Takes them home to their families.

5. Wooden says that you can have what on the lives of those you instruct?
(a) An impact.
(b) No meaningful changes.
(c) A moneymaking opportunity.
(d) Little input.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one element of Wooden's definition of success?

2. For Wooden, success in a game is what?

3. Wooden says "being fair" doesn't mean what?

4. Who does Wooden say once said that he, "Learned something from everyone he met"?

5. Three elements that strongly influenced Wooden's ideas on success are his faith, ideas on morality, and what?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Wooden feel that parents shouldn't necessarily be concerned that their children aren't getting high grades?

2. What are three ways that Wooden makes sure his players are ready for "physiological warfare"?

3. What does Wooden stress about listening to what people say about you? What example does he give?

4. Why doesn't Wooden believe that a leader should motivate with fear of discipline?

5. What are three ways that Wooden shows he cares about his players?

6. What are the four blocks that are at the second level of Wooden's pyramid of success?

7. What are the two blocks that Wooden uses to introduce his image of a pyramid to his readers?

8. When does Wooden say he knew it was time to retire from coaching at UCLA?

9. What three blocks are located between the first two blocks that Wooden describes when defining his pyramid of success? What do all five blocks make up?

10. What block is at the top of Wooden's pyramid of success? What does it mean?

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