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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Wooden ensure about every player's shoes?
(a) That they have a thick sole.
(b) That they are clean at all times.
(c) That they look uniform to everyone else's shoes.
(d) That they are the correct size.

2. What does Wooden say about the criticism he has received?
(a) He tries not to let it hurt his feelings.
(b) He tries to retaliate against those who criticize him.
(c) He feels it's just part of being a good coach.
(d) He likes it because it means he's beaten someone else.

3. What does Wooden say about players who believe they will win or lose based on what people say about them?
(a) He feels those players shouldn't listen to what people say about them.
(b) He feels those players should be motivated by what people say.
(c) He feels those players should try to live up to the other person's expectations.
(d) He feels those players should do the opposite of what's expected of them.

4. What is at the center of Wooden's schematic of success?
(a) Happiness.
(b) Skill.
(c) Greed.
(d) Talent.

5. How does Wooden think people should feel about the work they do?
(a) They should love their work.
(b) They should always be perfect.
(c) They should get through their work as quickly as possible.
(d) They should work without sleep or food.

6. Wooden says people shouldn't be afraid to do what?
(a) Succeed.
(b) Love one another.
(c) Step outside of their comfort zones.
(d) Fail.

7. Why does Wooden want his players' feet to be tough?
(a) So they can handle running drills.
(b) So they can handle stopping, starting, and pivoting.
(c) So they can play barefoot in the warmer months.
(d) So they can outrun the other teams.

8. Wooden says that confidence is something that can only occur after what?
(a) The person has a good role model.
(b) The blocks below it are put into practice.
(c) The individual plays a sport.
(d) The person is ready to have it bestowed upon him or her by a mentor.

9. How does Wooden describe "team spirit"?
(a) Being in control.
(b) Thinking of others.
(c) Loving the crowd's cheers.
(d) Being able to interview with reporters.

10. Wooden's players may be seen as role models, but he doesn't want them to be thought of as what?
(a) Heroes.
(b) Mentors.
(c) Dads.
(d) Teachers.

11. How does Wooden make sure his players push the other team to their limit?
(a) By doing daily meditations.
(b) By having a strong spiritual side.
(c) By learning martial arts.
(d) By being in top physical shape.

12. Wooden says "being fair" doesn't mean what?
(a) Everyone is treated the same.
(b) Everyone gets lots of money.
(c) Everyone wins the game.
(d) Everyone is your friend.

13. What does Wooden believe is necessary to properly prepare for any task?
(a) Money.
(b) Understanding.
(c) A good role model.
(d) Patience.

14. Wooden says that "team spirit" is something a person must be what?
(a) Trying to do.
(b) Eager to do.
(c) Able to do.
(d) Willing to do.

15. What does Wooden say that discipline is?
(a) Loyalty.
(b) Improvement.
(c) Fruitless.
(d) Punishment.

Short Answer Questions

1. For Wooden, success in a game is what?

2. Wooden says when you take initiative, there are times when what may happen?

3. Three constants throughout Wooden's life are his love for his wife, his respect/love for his father, and what?

4. Sometimes, players who had things going on in their lives wanted Wooden to do what?

5. What is a UCLA player's first priority (according to Wooden)?

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