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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Wooden says "being fair" doesn't mean what?
(a) Everyone is treated the same.
(b) Everyone gets lots of money.
(c) Everyone wins the game.
(d) Everyone is your friend.

2. What are the first "two blocks" (aka, the "base") of success that Wooden describes?
(a) Fame and glory.
(b) Industriousness and enthusiasm.
(c) Discipline and respect.
(d) Self-control and alertness.

3. Wooden says that confidence is something that can only occur after what?
(a) The blocks below it are put into practice.
(b) The person is ready to have it bestowed upon him or her by a mentor.
(c) The individual plays a sport.
(d) The person has a good role model.

4. Wooden says when you take initiative, there are times when what may happen?
(a) You may make a fool of yourself.
(b) You may fail.
(c) You may make a profit.
(d) You may make enemies.

5. A willingness to work hard is termed by Wooden as what?
(a) Industriousness.
(b) Faith.
(c) Hope.
(d) Silly.

6. What is one element of Wooden's definition of success?
(a) Good looks.
(b) Peace of mind.
(c) Arrogance.
(d) Good grades.

7. What does Wooden say about his players' lives and problems?
(a) He says he always tried to listen to them.
(b) He feels that they shouldn't have talked about those things in public but should have dealt with them in private.
(c) He thinks they were crybabies.
(d) He says that they were not very big in the scheme of things.

8. Who does Wooden say once said that he, "Learned something from everyone he met"?
(a) Wooden's brother.
(b) Abraham Lincoln.
(c) A grade school teacher.
(d) Wooden's father.

9. What shape does Wooden use to visually describe "success"?
(a) A pyramid.
(b) A triangle.
(c) A box.
(d) A hexagon.

10. How does Wooden feel about his time spent at UCLA?
(a) He is glad he won so many championships.
(b) He enjoyed it.
(c) He hated it.
(d) He thought it was boring.

11. At the top of Wooden's schematic are confidence and what?
(a) Routineness.
(b) Ability.
(c) Poise.
(d) Talent.

12. Why does Wooden feel that a leader cannot ONLY make suggestions or express opinions?
(a) He will be seen as a dictator.
(b) He won't be able to teach anyone to think for themselves.
(c) He has to also make decisions.
(d) His suggestions and opinions won't be taken seriously.

13. How does Wooden describe "self satisfaction"?
(a) Knowing that you're on the way to making lots of money.
(b) Knowing you've done the best you could to be the best you can be.
(c) Knowing that you're going to be a good teacher someday.
(d) Knowing that you're on your way to success.

14. How does Wooden feel now that he's no longer coaching at UCLA?
(a) He feels it was just a moment in time.
(b) He feels sad about it.
(c) He feels overjoyed about it.
(d) He tries not to think about it.

15. Sometimes, players who had things going on in their lives wanted Wooden to do what?
(a) Allow them to get out of playing basketball.
(b) Pay for their way home.
(c) Give them leniency during training.
(d) Help them with those problems.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Wooden feel about players who get average grades?

2. Wooden ends "Wooden" with a poem that seems to be a reminder of his love for what?

3. Wooden defines "intentness" as what?

4. When things don't turn out as we want them to, Wooden suggests that we rely on what?

5. Though Wooden doesn't like all of his players, he does feel what way about them?

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