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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Wooden say about his wife, Nellie, at the end of "Wooden"?
(a) He thanks her for her love.
(b) He says he's moved on and will marry again.
(c) He doesn't bring up Nellie at the end, only his father.
(d) He believes God will call him home to her.

2. Wooden says "being fair" doesn't mean what?
(a) Everyone is treated the same.
(b) Everyone gets lots of money.
(c) Everyone wins the game.
(d) Everyone is your friend.

3. Sometimes, players who had things going on in their lives wanted Wooden to do what?
(a) Allow them to get out of playing basketball.
(b) Give them leniency during training.
(c) Pay for their way home.
(d) Help them with those problems.

4. What are the first "two blocks" (aka, the "base") of success that Wooden describes?
(a) Self-control and alertness.
(b) Fame and glory.
(c) Industriousness and enthusiasm.
(d) Discipline and respect.

5. What two things doesn't Wooden suggest a coach use to lead his team?
(a) Drama and denial.
(b) Fun and laughter.
(c) Violence and anger.
(d) Fear and disgust.

6. How does Wooden describe "team spirit"?
(a) Being able to interview with reporters.
(b) Being in control.
(c) Thinking of others.
(d) Loving the crowd's cheers.

7. At the top of Wooden's schematic are confidence and what?
(a) Talent.
(b) Poise.
(c) Routineness.
(d) Ability.

8. How does Wooden think people should feel about the work they do?
(a) They should work without sleep or food.
(b) They should get through their work as quickly as possible.
(c) They should always be perfect.
(d) They should love their work.

9. How does Wooden make sure his players push the other team to their limit?
(a) By learning martial arts.
(b) By being in top physical shape.
(c) By doing daily meditations.
(d) By having a strong spiritual side.

10. In terms of his players' priorities, what rank does Wooden give to "social interaction"?
(a) Third priority.
(b) Fifth priority.
(c) Fourth priority.
(d) Second priority.

11. How does Wooden handle his players when they've done something well or correctly?
(a) He praises them.
(b) He tells their parents.
(c) He has the team applaud for them.
(d) He says nothing.

12. What does Wooden seem to think of his skills as a basketball tactician?
(a) He thinks he's average.
(b) He thinks he's successful.
(c) He thinks he's terrible.
(d) He thinks he's great.

13. What does Wooden say about his players' lives and problems?
(a) He says that they were not very big in the scheme of things.
(b) He says he always tried to listen to them.
(c) He thinks they were crybabies.
(d) He feels that they shouldn't have talked about those things in public but should have dealt with them in private.

14. When does Wooden say he knew it was time for him to retire?
(a) When his wife Nellie passed away.
(b) When he dreaded talking to the press about an upcoming championship game.
(c) When his players stopped trying.
(d) When he didn't enjoy hearing his players' problems anymore.

15. Wooden says that you can have what on the lives of those you instruct?
(a) No meaningful changes.
(b) Little input.
(c) A moneymaking opportunity.
(d) An impact.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Wooden feel that a leader cannot ONLY make suggestions or express opinions?

2. What advice does Wooden give on "following" others?

3. Throughout his career, what percentage of Wooden's players received their diplomas?

4. Why does Wooden say parents of his players would sometimes come to him?

5. Three constants throughout Wooden's life are his love for his wife, his respect/love for his father, and what?

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