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1. What is the basic focus of the beginning of the book "Wooden"?

The book starts by detailing Wooden's life philosophies on and off the basketball court.

2. How does Wooden describe his parents?

Wooden describes his parents as hard-working with a strong set of values. He also says that they didn't complain about the hard work they had to do.

3. What special bond does Wooden share with his father?

Wooden has a special bond with his father that's rooted in his father's regular readings of the Bible and poetry. They share a love of literature.

4. How does Wooden's father's "teaching" personality carry over into his sons?

Every one of Wooden's sons eventually became teachers, which Wooden surmises is because of his father's dedication to being a teacher to his kids.

5. How does Wooden use poetry throughout "Wooden"?

Wooden uses poetry throughout "Wooden" as a way to explain his points through literature. He may also be using poetry as a symbolic "thank you" to his father, who introduced him to poetry when he was a child.

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