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Lesson 1 (from Part 1)


The book "Wooden" is an autobiographical work of nonfiction, which means that everything in it is based on Wooden's true experiences and beliefs. The objective of today's lesson is to talk about the ways in which autobiographical books are different from other nonfiction books.


1) Group Discussion Questions:

- Whose viewpoint is "Wooden" told from?

- What impact does Wooden telling his own story have on the reader?

- How would you describe the perspective of this book?

- What is the difference between an autobiographical book and other nonfiction books? Which is "Wooden"?

- How did you know this book was nonfiction? How did you know the book was autobiographical?

2) Team Exercise:

In small groups, choose 5-8 ways the reader can tell during Part 1 that "Wooden" is autobiographical nonfiction (e.g., the use of dates, the use of real places, the use of real names...

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