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Build a Visual Class Pyramid of Success

1. Each student/team will be assigned one of the 15 blocks of John Wooden's pyramid of success.

2. Students/teams will create blocks (all using the same size building block, such as a shoebox or a cardboard box).

3. Students/teams can decorate them any way they want. The name of the block should be written legibly on the front.

4. When all blocks are finished, they will be stacked in the classroom and displayed.

Build Your OWN Pyramid of Success

1. Students will be encouraged to consider what they believe are the building blocks to success in their minds.

2. Students should create their pyramids of success visually in some way.

3. When students are finished, they will talk about their pyramids and explain why they chose the "blocks" they did.

OPTIONAL: Students will display their pyramids of success for family, friends, and peers during a special...

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