Wooden Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

John Wooden - This self-proclaimed "old fashioned" individual was born and raised in Hall, Indiana, is the only basketball coach to win seven consecutive championship games in a row, and is a mentor and teacher to others.

Nellie Wooden - This individual met the person they would marry at Martinsville High School, Indiana, and spent over 50 years with that person.

Joshua Wooden - This individual read poetry and the Bible to their sons.

Roxie Anna Wooden - This individual taught their family that you had to work hard without complaining.

Mr. Earl Warriner - This person was a grade-school principal, teacher, coach and, ultimately, mentor to one of UCLA's most memorable basketball coaches.

Mr. Ward - This true-to-his-beliefs individual was a Purdue University coach.

Swen Nater - This individual was recruited to UCLA from Cypress Junior College and later joined the American Basketball Association.

Abraham Lincoln -...

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