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Part 1

• In "Wooden," John Wooden (and author Steve Jamison) describe Wooden's philosophies of life.
• Wooden, born in 1910, had parents who were not wealthy but who worked hard without complaining. This made a strong impression on Wooden's philosophy of life, especially Wooden's father, Joshua.

• Wooden believes that parents are the greatest teachers that children can have.

• Wooden's father taught him about literature and the Bible. Poetry is used throughout Part 1 to show Wooden's connection with his father.

• Wooden feels that children with strong, supportive families turn out better than their counterparts.
• John and Nellie Wooden were husband and wife for over 50 years. His devotion to her and his family is evident when he describes the household's love.
• Wooden discusses the ways he ran his team like he ran his household, encouraging players to want to please him without fear of disappointing him.
• Wooden talks a great deal about being...

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