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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dorothy do to protect Toto?
(a) Slaps the lion on the nose
(b) Runs inbetween
(c) Asks for the Tin Woodman's ax
(d) Uses her magic shoes

2. Where do the travelers walk after they cross the river?
(a) Through an empty field
(b) Through the woods
(c) Through a dense field of poppies
(d) Through a land of china

3. What does Dorothy see Scarecrow do before she helps him?
(a) He dances
(b) He winks
(c) He smiles
(d) He sings

4. What finally works in capturing the travelers?
(a) A spell
(b) The Golden Cap
(c) An incantation
(d) A field of poppies

5. What is so special about the animal that the Tin Woodman spares?
(a) She is defenseless
(b) She is the Queen of Mice
(c) He is a magical creature
(d) It is the Wizard

6. What is Dorothy given to wear when she meets the Wizard?
(a) Yellow earrings
(b) Blue shoes
(c) A red dress
(d) A green silk gown

7. What kind of home does Dorothy live in?
(a) A Tudor
(b) A mansion
(c) A shack
(d) A farmhouse

8. Where do Dorothy and her relatives live?
(a) Kansas
(b) Oklahoma
(c) South Dakota
(d) Nebraska

9. Where must Dorothy go to learn how to get back home?
(a) To the Wicked Witch's home
(b) The dark forest
(c) To the Tin Woodman
(d) To the City of Emeralds

10. What people live on the other side of this obstacle?
(a) The Emeraldites
(b) The Kalidahs
(c) The Munchkins
(d) The Hammer Heads

11. What is the answer to #83 designed to do?
(a) Rescue the travelers who feel asleep in the poppies
(b) Get the travelers over another obstacle
(c) Help the witch
(d) Impress the Wizard

12. What is Dorothy's last name?
(a) Smith
(b) Gale
(c) Allen
(d) Wind

13. Why is the Woodman made out of the answer to #50?
(a) His parents were too
(b) He wanted to be
(c) He doesn't know
(d) He was cursed

14. What kills the witch?
(a) A bucket of water
(b) The Tin Woodman
(c) A rogue monkey
(d) A spell

15. Where do Scarecrow and Dorothy spend the night?
(a) In a small cabin
(b) In Oz
(c) Outdoors
(d) At the palace

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is flustered when the travelers arrive at the City of Emeralds and demand to see the Wizard?

2. What is Dorothy's aunt's name?

3. What does the witch watch the travelers with?

4. What do the travelers need to have over their eyes as they enter the city?

5. Who did the (answer to #50) Woodman fall in love with?

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