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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kills the witch?
(a) A bucket of water
(b) A rogue monkey
(c) The Tin Woodman
(d) A spell

2. Who can jump this obstacle and will help the travelers cross?
(a) The Lion
(b) The Scarecrow
(c) Toto
(d) Dorothy

3. What kind of home does Dorothy live in?
(a) A farmhouse
(b) A shack
(c) A mansion
(d) A Tudor

4. From what does Dorothy help the Scarecrow get down from?
(a) A barn
(b) A pole
(c) A river
(d) A tree

5. What is the answer to #83 designed to do?
(a) Get the travelers over another obstacle
(b) Rescue the travelers who feel asleep in the poppies
(c) Help the witch
(d) Impress the Wizard

6. What would the Scarecrow like most in the world?
(a) Brains
(b) Toto
(c) Nerves
(d) Heart

7. What does the Tin Woodman kill?
(a) A lion
(b) A mouse
(c) A bear
(d) A wildcat

8. What are these answers to #89 designed to protect the wearer from?
(a) The sun
(b) The brilliance of the ground
(c) The splendor of the city
(d) The heat

9. What do the travelers hear as they journey through the forest?
(a) Groans
(b) Growls of wild animals
(c) Ghosts
(d) Insects

10. What does Dorothy see Scarecrow do before she helps him?
(a) He winks
(b) He sings
(c) He smiles
(d) He dances

11. What do the travelers need to have over their eyes as they enter the city?
(a) Blindfolds
(b) Magical protection
(c) Veils
(d) Green glasses

12. The Scarecrow and Woodman have a debate about whether ________ or __________ is more important.
(a) Brains, wits
(b) Brains, heart
(c) Heart, nerves
(d) Nerves, patience

13. When Dorothy tells the Scarecrow about Kansas, he wonders why anyone would want to go back to such a ____________.
(a) Dull life
(b) Exciting family
(c) Gray place
(d) Boring town

14. Toto is Dorothy's _________.
(a) Horse
(b) Dog
(c) Brother
(d) Cousin

15. What do Dorothy and the other travelers have to cross at the beginning of this chapter?
(a) A river
(b) A ditch
(c) A chasm
(d) A small man

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dorothy NOT prepare or put on in preparation for her trip?

2. Who is the small woman dressed in a brilliant white dress?

3. Who devises the plan to cross an obstacle?

4. What does the Wizard look like to the Tin Woodman?

5. What color is used to describe Dorothy's home?

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