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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What prevents Dorothy from reaching safety?
(a) Uncle Henry doesn't tell her about the storm
(b) Toto hides under the bed
(c) She is sleeping
(d) The Wicked Witch

2. These new people have the heads of tigers and the bodies of _________.
(a) Horses
(b) Goats
(c) Bears
(d) Bees

3. What does the Scarecrow assure the answer to #87 their requests are?
(a) Good
(b) Quick
(c) Easy
(d) Honest

4. Where does the yellow brick road lead Dorothy and the Scarecrow?
(a) To a bright path
(b) To a dark forest
(c) To a dirt road
(d) To the witch's palace

5. Why is the Woodman made out of the answer to #50?
(a) He was cursed
(b) He wanted to be
(c) He doesn't know
(d) His parents were too

6. Where do the travelers walk after they cross the river?
(a) Through a dense field of poppies
(b) Through an empty field
(c) Through a land of china
(d) Through the woods

7. When does Dorothy meet up with Scarecrow?
(a) The second day
(b) The first day
(c) The fourth day
(d) A week from the time she started

8. Who helps the victim in #75?
(a) Horses
(b) Storks
(c) Mice
(d) Crows

9. What does the Tin Woodman spare?
(a) A spider
(b) A stork
(c) A mouse
(d) A horse

10. What do Dorothy and the other travelers have to cross at the beginning of this chapter?
(a) A river
(b) A ditch
(c) A chasm
(d) A small man

11. Who is the small woman dressed in a brilliant white dress?
(a) The Witch of the North
(b) Mary Sue
(c) Glinda
(d) The Witch of the South

12. Who does the witch attempt to starve, though unsuccessfully?
(a) Dorothy
(b) The Lion
(c) Scarecrow
(d) Toto

13. The Scarecrow says he has seen _________ in his short life.
(a) Little
(b) Too much
(c) A lot
(d) Too many things

14. Where must Dorothy go to learn how to get back home?
(a) To the Wicked Witch's home
(b) To the City of Emeralds
(c) The dark forest
(d) To the Tin Woodman

15. Scarecrow doesn't mind being made of straw because be never gets hurt and he never gets ________.
(a) Scared
(b) Bored
(c) Tired
(d) Anxious

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Tin Woodman kill?

2. The Wizard decides to meet the travelers _______ at a time.

3. What is the woodchopper made of?

4. What do the travelers need to have over their eyes as they enter the city?

5. What is Dorothy given to wear when she meets the Wizard?

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