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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dorothy NOT prepare or put on in preparation for her trip?
(a) A basket of food
(b) A clean dress
(c) The silver shoes
(d) A necklace

2. What do Dorothy and the other travelers have to cross at the beginning of this chapter?
(a) A chasm
(b) A river
(c) A ditch
(d) A small man

3. Where do the travelers walk after they cross the river?
(a) Through a land of china
(b) Through an empty field
(c) Through a dense field of poppies
(d) Through the woods

4. What does the Wizard never let anyone do?
(a) Come into his presence
(b) Ask for a heart
(c) Travel with a dog
(d) Enter the city

5. What is the Scarecrow afraid of?
(a) A mouse
(b) Any loud noises
(c) Farmers
(d) A lighted match

6. Who did the (answer to #50) Woodman fall in love with?
(a) A witch
(b) A Munchkin girl
(c) A human
(d) A lioness

7. Who is the small woman dressed in a brilliant white dress?
(a) The Witch of the North
(b) Glinda
(c) Mary Sue
(d) The Witch of the South

8. Which people are characterized by their blue attire?
(a) Munchkins
(b) Winged Monkeys
(c) China miniatures
(d) Kalidahs

9. What is Dorothy's uncle's name?
(a) Uncle Peter
(b) Uncle Louis
(c) Uncle Henry
(d) Uncle Bob

10. What does the yellow brick road lead the travelers to?
(a) A field
(b) A new house
(c) A place to eat
(d) A large ditch

11. What do the travelers hear as they journey through the forest?
(a) Groans
(b) Growls of wild animals
(c) Insects
(d) Ghosts

12. What has Dorothy done to receive thanks upon arriving in Oz?
(a) Given away her extra food
(b) Created the yellow brick road
(c) Talked nicely to the people she meets
(d) Killed the Wicked Witch of the Easy

13. How long was the Woodman standing in the woods as Dorothy and Scarecrow found him?
(a) A year
(b) A month
(c) An hour
(d) A day

14. When does Dorothy meet up with Scarecrow?
(a) The first day
(b) The second day
(c) A week from the time she started
(d) The fourth day

15. From what does Dorothy help the Scarecrow get down from?
(a) A tree
(b) A barn
(c) A river
(d) A pole

Short Answer Questions

1. These new people have the heads of tigers and the bodies of _________.

2. While Dorothy is amazed by Oz, what does she want?

3. When the Woodman's heart was taken away, so was his ____________.

4. What does Dorothy do to relieve the woodchopper?

5. What do the travelers need to have over their eyes as they enter the city?

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