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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who can jump this obstacle and will help the travelers cross?
(a) Dorothy
(b) The Scarecrow
(c) Toto
(d) The Lion

2. What kills the witch?
(a) A rogue monkey
(b) The Tin Woodman
(c) A spell
(d) A bucket of water

3. Who attempts to steer the boat and ends up getting stuck on a pole?
(a) Tin Woodman
(b) Dorothy
(c) Lion
(d) The Scarecrow

4. What does the Scarecrow ask all the mice to do?
(a) Leave
(b) Find some cheese
(c) Build a boat
(d) Bring pieces of string

5. From what does Dorothy help the Scarecrow get down from?
(a) A barn
(b) A pole
(c) A tree
(d) A river

6. Who did the Scarecrow effectively fool?
(a) Ravens
(b) Owls
(c) Crows
(d) Blackbirds

7. What has Dorothy done to receive thanks upon arriving in Oz?
(a) Killed the Wicked Witch of the Easy
(b) Talked nicely to the people she meets
(c) Given away her extra food
(d) Created the yellow brick road

8. What does the Tin Woodman spare?
(a) A stork
(b) A horse
(c) A spider
(d) A mouse

9. While Dorothy is amazed by Oz, what does she want?
(a) To clean up her home
(b) To leave for the City of Emeralds
(c) To eat
(d) To go home

10. Where do Scarecrow and Dorothy spend the night?
(a) In Oz
(b) Outdoors
(c) At the palace
(d) In a small cabin

11. What does the witch send first to thwart the travelers?
(a) 40 wolves
(b) Bees
(c) 40 crows
(d) 40 monkeys

12. Who does the small cottage belong to?
(a) An evil old man
(b) A stranger
(c) A princess
(d) The Tin Woodman

13. These new people have the heads of tigers and the bodies of _________.
(a) Goats
(b) Bears
(c) Horses
(d) Bees

14. What does the yellow brick road lead the travelers to?
(a) A new house
(b) A place to eat
(c) A large ditch
(d) A field

15. Where does the storm drop Dorothy?
(a) In field
(b) The Land of Oz
(c) The Emerald City
(d) In Nebraska

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Dorothy and the other travelers have to cross at the beginning of this chapter?

2. What is the woodchopper made of?

3. Why is the Woodman made out of the answer to #50?

4. What color is used to describe Dorothy's home?

5. Who is afraid of these sounds?

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