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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Scarecrow says he has seen _________ in his short life.
(a) Too much
(b) A lot
(c) Too many things
(d) Little

2. Why is the Woodman made out of the answer to #50?
(a) He was cursed
(b) He wanted to be
(c) He doesn't know
(d) His parents were too

3. What amazes Dorothy the most about Oz?
(a) How big it is
(b) How clean it is
(c) How loud it is
(d) How colorful it is

4. When does Dorothy meet up with Scarecrow?
(a) A week from the time she started
(b) The first day
(c) The fourth day
(d) The second day

5. From what does Dorothy help the Scarecrow get down from?
(a) A river
(b) A barn
(c) A pole
(d) A tree

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Dorothy see Scarecrow do before she helps him?

2. What can be seen from underneath the house?

3. Who does the small cottage belong to?

4. What does the Scarecrow ask all the mice to do?

5. What is the Scarecrow afraid of?

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