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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the Woodman's heart was taken away, so was his ____________.
(a) Concern
(b) Patience
(c) Love
(d) Courage

2. What does Dorothy do to relieve the woodchopper?
(a) Yells at him
(b) Oils his rusted joints
(c) Pushes his arms and legs to get them moving
(d) Brings water

3. What amazes Dorothy the most about Oz?
(a) How big it is
(b) How loud it is
(c) How colorful it is
(d) How clean it is

4. Where was the Scarecrow placed?
(a) In a barn
(b) Outside the front door
(c) In the pens with the animals
(d) In a field

5. Scarecrow doesn't mind being made of straw because be never gets hurt and he never gets ________.
(a) Anxious
(b) Scared
(c) Bored
(d) Tired

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Dorothy's uncle's name?

2. The Scarecrow and Woodman have a debate about whether ________ or __________ is more important.

3. Why is the Woodman made out of the answer to #50?

4. Toto is Dorothy's _________.

5. Who did the Scarecrow effectively fool?

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