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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In which direction do the travelers walk?
(a) East
(b) North
(c) West
(d) South

2. When Dorothy protects Toto from the lion, what does the Lion admit to being?
(a) A bad lion
(b) A reckless being
(c) A strong animal
(d) A Coward

3. What finally works in capturing the travelers?
(a) A field of poppies
(b) An incantation
(c) A spell
(d) The Golden Cap

4. What does the Scarecrow ask all the mice to do?
(a) Find some cheese
(b) Leave
(c) Bring pieces of string
(d) Build a boat

5. What does Dorothy do to protect Toto?
(a) Uses her magic shoes
(b) Asks for the Tin Woodman's ax
(c) Slaps the lion on the nose
(d) Runs inbetween

Short Answer Questions

1. How many travelers are there?

2. What does the witch watch the travelers with?

3. What kills the witch?

4. How many times can the owner of the Golden Cap call on the monkeys?

5. What does Dorothy use to summon the mice?

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