Objects & Places from Wonder

R. J. Palacio
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Beecher Prep

This is where August goes to school for the first time.

Faulkner High School

This is where Via attends school.

Padawan Braid

This is something that August cuts off after his first day of school.


This is the gene that is the cause for August's deformities.

Egyptian Museum exhibit

This is a school project that parents got to tour with their children.

Halloween Party

This is where Summer decides she doesn't want to be a part of the popular group.

Our Town

This is a school event that Olivia doesn't want to tell her parents about.

The War

This was a time when some bullies picked on Jack.

Our Town

This was a play in which Justin and Via had speaking parts.

Astronaut Helmet

August used this to hide behind and protect himself from gawking when he was young.

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