Wonder Fun Activities

R. J. Palacio
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Listen to the songs the author uses in Parts 1-3. Discuss with a group why the author may have chosen those songs.

Author Interview

Write ten questions that you would ask the author if you could interview her.


Ask your family to tell the story of your birth. Use a Venn diagram to compare your birth to August's birth.

Spud Lamp

Create a spud lamp like Jack and August did for the science project.

Egyptian Artifact

Create an Egyptian artifact similar to one the fifth graders would have created in the novel.


Justin intimidates the bullies; Jack and August try to ignore them. Discuss with a group how you deal with bullies at school.

Death of a Pet

Use a Venn diagram to compare a time when you had a pet that died to how the Pullman family felt when Daisy died.


Use earplugs...

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