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R. J. Palacio
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Essay Topic 1

August describes himself as extraordinary. Explain why August is an ordinary and an extraordinary kid.

Essay Topic 2

August does have friends, even though he has never been to school. Who are August friends and why don't they treat him differently like strangers or casual acquaintances do?

Essay Topic 3

The idiom "like a lamb to the slaughter" describes what August and his father believe his experiences will be at middle school. In what way is and isn't August like a lamb about to be slaughtered when he goes to school?

Essay Topic 4

Summer makes a choice to sit with August. Why does Summer sit with August at first, and how do her motives for being with him change?

Essay Topic 5

Summer turns down an opportunity to become a part of the popular group. What are Summer's reasons for not wanting to be a part of the popular...

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