Wonder Character Descriptions

R. J. Palacio
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August Pullman

This character has a deformed face.


This character is the best friend of a kid who has a horribly deformed face.


This character's brother has been homeschooled his entire life until fifth grade.

Mr. Tushman

This character is the director of a middle school.


This character is very pretty and is the only student who will sit with a boy with a deformed face at lunch.

Jack WIll

This character hangs around a deformed boy, but at first does so just because he has to.


This character is from Brazil and lived in Montauk.


This character is one of the most popular girls at school.


This characters starts a war and gets most of his classmates to ignore or bother another classmate.


This character is dating a girl with beautiful blue eyes that he met in the school cafeteria.


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