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Short Answer Questions

1. What social event occurs at Brewster Place shortly after Ben's death?

2. What does Mattie tell Etta that Etta needs?

3. What does Cora Lee refer to as "the thing in the dark"?

4. Why is Kiswana's mother especially exasperated with her?

5. What physical characteristic does Ben's daughter have?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe Mattie. What is her physical appearance. What emotional traits does she have? Why does she become the matriarch for the women of Brewster Place?

Essay Topic 2

What is the significance of Mattie's dream? Does the author end the book on a hopeful note? Explain your opinion.

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast Mattie and Etta. How are they different? How are they similar? What does each bring to the relationship that allows it to continue for so many years?

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