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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reminds Kiswana about her boyfriend's lovemaking?
(a) Her rumpled sheets
(b) Her toenail polish
(c) Her record albums
(d) Dirty wine glasses

2. What is Maggie's nickname for Etta?
(a) Edible
(b) Tut
(c) Oughta
(d) Jetta

3. Who does Mattie's father believe is the father of Mattie's unborn child?
(a) Marlon
(b) Butch
(c) Jamie
(d) Fred

4. What does Kiswana realize about her mother's physical appearance?
(a) She has colored her hair
(b) She has her toenails polished
(c) She has pierced ears
(d) She has lost weight

5. What is the demographic of the area where Brewster Place is located?
(a) All white
(b) All black
(c) Segregated, multi-racial
(d) All Hispanic

Short Answer Questions

1. Who will Eugene not allow to watch Serena?

2. What does Basil tell Mattie?

3. "Does it dry up like ____________________?"

4. What is Ben's occupation?

5. What purpose does the Shakespeare play have for Cora Lee?

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