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This is the town where the first three quarters of Women in Love is set. It is a small town in the midlands of England, where there are coal mines run by the Crich family.

The Mountain Retreat

This is a place in the Alps near Innsbruck, where Gerald, Gudrun, Ursula and Birkin travel at the end of the novel to get away from the dampness of England.


These are art objects Gudrun makes.

The Mill

This is where Rupert Birkin lives before he and Ursula marry and begin traveling.


This is the Crich residence, a manor house that has been in the family. It is the site of Diana's drowning and Mr. Crich's death.


This is where Rupert Birkin visits occasionally and spend time with a dissolute crowd of artists and hangers-on.

The Water Party

This is an annual event that was started...

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