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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-4)


Women in Love is a 1920 novel by English author D. H. Lawrence. The novel continues as a sequel to the 1915 novel The Rainbow, following protagonists Gudrun and Ursula Brangwen as they pursue love. In Chapter 1, Gudrun and Ursula discuss the concept of marriage as they attend the wedding of one of the Crich daughters. Objectives for this lesson include researching author D. H. Laurence and identifying and analyzing the narrative style and tone of the novel.


Reading Assignment: Give students time in class to read Chapter 1 of Women in Love (or alternatively give this assignment as homework prior to the first lesson). Ask students to take notes as they read regarding the characters, setting, narrative style, and tone of the chapter.

Research Activity: Conduct research on author D. H. Lawrence. When in Lawrence’s career was Women in Love published? Why did Lawrence have problems...

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