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Chapters 1-4

• In Chapter 1, Gudrun Brangwen is back from her travels, visiting her sister Ursula at their parents' home in Beldover; they are talking about marriage, and neither one of them can imagine marrying.

• Gudrun and Ursula go to a wedding of one of the younger Crich girls, and they have an aversion to the commoners who gather for the spectacle.

• At the church, the Criches all arrive, with Rupert Birkin, and Hermione; Gudrun is moved by the sight of Gerald, and Ursula is moved by Birkin.

• Gudrun asks Ursula what she thinks of Rupert Birkin, and she says it's appalling how he gives himself to everyone. "One must discriminate," Gudrun says.

• In Chapter 2, at the wedding reception at Shortlands, Birkin makes a point of taking care of Mrs. Crich, who is put out by so many strangers being in her house.

• Gerald and Hermione begin a conversation...

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