The Woman Warrior Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What story does the narrator's mother tell at the beginning of the novel?

The novel begins with the narrator's mother telling a story about the narrator's aunt. The narrator's aunt becomes pregnant after her husband leaves China for America and has to run away from the villagers the night her baby is born.

2. Describe one possibility the narrator considers to explain how her aunt may have become pregnant.

The narrator wonders if her aunt may have been raped.

3. What are two of the three Chinese customs the narrator comments on after pondering how her aunt became pregnant?

The narrator comments on walking erect, talking loudly, and remaining quiet at the dinner table.

4. Why does the narrator always add the word "brother" to boys' names?

The narrator adds this word because she feels sisterly affection is appropriate.

5. According to the narrator, does the narrator's aunt ever say who impregnated her?

No she does not. Neither the narrator nor her mother know who impregnated the narrator's aunt.

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