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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Alice is the subject of a demonstration performed in front of what?
(a) Video cameras.
(b) Donors.
(c) A news crew.
(d) A live audience.

2. Gildina says that the man she has to please is largely what?
(a) Hateful.
(b) Cybernetic.
(c) Ignorant.
(d) Spiteful.

3. The guard arrives and tells Gildina that she is going to be turned over to where?
(a) The police station.
(b) The organ bank.
(c) The development lab.
(d) The scientists' workstations.

4. At the brooder, Luciente and the others are told that what, about Jackrabbit, will be incorporated into the new life?
(a) His mother's genetic make-up.
(b) His brown-haired genes.
(c) His exact genetic make-up.
(d) He artistic genes.

5. Where does Connie buy a ticket to go, in order to leave the city?
(a) New York.
(b) Boston.
(c) Madison.
(d) Maine.

6. Where does Connie fall asleep after she escapes from the hospital?
(a) A grove of trees.
(b) In a box.
(c) Under a bridge.
(d) In her apartment.

7. Connie hears rumors that Skip died how?
(a) Car accident.
(b) Suicide.
(c) Medical mistake.
(d) Drug overdose.

8. After the demonstration with Alice is finished, Connie vows that she will never allow herself to be what?
(a) Part of this experiment.
(b) Emotional and violent.
(c) Helpful to the doctor.
(d) Controlled in that way.

9. Connie, after Sappho's death, regains consciousness and has a nurse doing what to her?
(a) Giving her an injection.
(b) Feeding her.
(c) Taking her blood.
(d) Shaking her awake.

10. When Connie returns to her own time after Jackrabbit's funeral, she discovers she has been in a coma for how long?
(a) Two days.
(b) One day.
(c) One week.
(d) Twelve hours.

11. Luciente explains to Connie that after Sappho is buried, what will happen?
(a) One of her children will take over her house.
(b) Another child will die.
(c) Another child will be born.
(d) One of her children will take over her job.

12. Becoming involved in the ward gossip about the doctors makes Connie feel what?
(a) Happy.
(b) Social.
(c) Desired.
(d) Depressed.

13. What is planted in Jackrabbit's grave?
(a) A flower.
(b) A tree.
(c) A bush.
(d) A seed.

14. Alice says that she had a surgery that involved putting electrical nodules where?
(a) In her nerves.
(b) In her spine.
(c) In her heart.
(d) In her brain.

15. What profession does Jackrabbit hold?
(a) Poet.
(b) Doctor.
(c) Musician.
(d) Artist.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long do people serve in Luciente's government?

2. On the last day of her visit with Luis, he takes her where?

3. When Connie thinks of the surgery that is going to take place the next day she feels what?

4. Drinking what beverage, is almost ritualized in Luciente's world?

5. What will happen to the light and pretty garment Connie wears to the festival after the festival?

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