Woman on the Edge of Time Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Connie Ramos.

Connie Ramos is a middle-ages, Hispanic woman with a troubled past who suddenly finds herself able to communicate with a future society.

2. Why does Dolly appear at Connie's door?

Dolly appears at Connie's door because she is fleeing from a beating her boyfriend/pimp gave her.

3. What happens when Geraldo arrives at Connie's apartment?

When Geraldo arrives at Connie's apartment, Connie and Dolly struggle with him, and Connie breaks his nose and is then beaten unconscious.

4. How does Connie get to Bellevue?

Connie was taken to Bellevue by Geraldo and Dolly who say that Connie caused Dolly's injuries.

5. How did Connie lose Angelina?

Connie lost Angelina because she was into drugs and hit her. Angelina was then placed in a foster home.

6. Who was Claud and what happened to him?

Claud was Connie's husband, a jazz musician, and a pickpocket. He died in jail as the result of a medical experiment.

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