Objects & Places from Woman on the Edge of Time

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Connie's Apartment

This is where the opening scenes of the novel take place.

Luciente's Watch

This is a portable computer, similar to today's Blackberry or cell phone, offering access to information and communication.


This is the renowned/infamous hospital for the mentally ill in New York.


This is an institution specifically geared towards the incarceration of violent offenders.


This location is a ward that is more open and more comfortable than the others.


This location is where all the residents/citizens live as independent but communally-minded individuals.

The Brooder

This is the building where babies are conceived, gestated, and born, all through the control of machines.

The House of Children

This location is where children are raised and taught communally.

The Fooder

This location is a dining hall.

The Dialytrode

This is the name for the device implanted in the brains of the subjects...

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