Woman on the Edge of Time Character Descriptions

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Consuelo (Connie) Ramos

This character is the novel's central character and is middle-aged.


This character is the androgynous embodiment of freedom, intelligence and courage.


This character is young and vulnerable, ambitious and superficial, lazy and easily manipulated.


This character is a pimp.

Angelina / Dawn

This character was adopted and never appears in the novel except as a memory.


This character is hard working but self-centered and unsympathetic .

Martin, Eddie, Claud

These characters are the spouses of the main character.

Bee, Jackrabbit, Barbarossa, Sappho, Sojourner, Parra, Diana

These characters are members of the futuristic Mattapoisett community.

Sybil, Skip, Alice Blue Bottom

These characters are patients in the mental hospital.

Redding, Acker, the other doctors

These characters are the team that is experimenting with mind/emotional control on patients in the hospital.


This is a scientist who advocates complete genetic control over society.



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