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Chapter 1

• The novel tells the story of Connie Ramos, a middle-aged Hispanic woman who suddenly finds herself able to communicate with a future society.

• The narrative tells of Connie's awakening consciousness and explores themes of hope, relationships and the influence of the future on the present.
• Connie answers a pounding on her door to find Dolly, fleeing from a beating given to her by her pimp/boyfriend Geraldo.

• Connie makes coffee, examines Dolly's injuries and hears Dolly say that she heard voices while outside the door.

• Connie's thoughts turn to Claud, Angelina, Luciente and her previous stay in Bellevue.
• Geraldo soon turns up at Connie's apartment, wanting to force Dolly into an abortion.

• Connie and Dolly struggle with him, Connie breaks his nose with an empty wine bottle, and Geraldo beats Connie unconscious.

• Connie wakes up to find herself in Bellevue Hospital; Geraldo and Dolly took her there...

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