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Short Answer Questions

1. What word from the story means “creek” in Spanish?

2. What genre of which Sandra Cisneros is associated, refers to literature written by Mexican Americans in the United States?

3. What is Graciela’s position in “Woman Hollering Creek”?

4. Juan Pedro wants to marry Cleofilas right away for what reason?

5. What is the name of Cleofilas’ maid of honor at her wedding?

Short Essay Questions

1. What arrangements do Graciela and Felice make over the phone in the story? What urgency is illustrated in their plan?

2. How is the character of Soledad described in “Woman Hollering Creek”?

3. Who is getting married in the opening of “Woman Hollering Creek”? How are the cultural details of the event described?

4. What are Cleofilas’ feelings about the character of Felice in “Woman Hollering Creek”?

5. How does Cleofilas compare her life to the lives of the heroines of the telenovelas?

6. How does Cleofilas compare her hometown to that of Seguin, Texas, during the story?

7. What is demonstrated through the author’s use of foreshadowing in “Woman Hollering Creek”?

8. What kind of support does Soledad offer to Cleofilas in “Woman Hollering Creek”?

9. How does Juan Pedro behave toward Cleofilas after he has beaten her for the first time? What is Cleofilas’ response?

10. What does La Llorona represent symbolically and thematically in “Woman Hollering Creek”?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe and discuss the mythology of La Llorona and its symbolic significance in “Woman Hollering Creek.” Why does the author choose to use allusion to this myth? How does the myth relate to the story’s themes? How do the characters of each story relate?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the character of Felice and her symbolic and metaphorical meaning in “Woman Hollering Creek.” How does Felice stand out as a role model to Cleofilas? In what ways does meeting Felice solidify Cleofilas’ decision to leave her abusive relationship?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Cleofilas’ fears of death by abuse as indicated by her references to Alarma! magazine in the narrative. How does Cleofilas compare her situation with Juan Pedro to the stories in Alarma!? Why does she make these comparisons?

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