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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Woman Hollering Creek.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Cleofilas was born and raised in what Mexican state?
(a) Coahuila
(b) Michoacán
(c) Sonora
(d) Tabasco

2. What Spanish word from the story translates to “pregnant”?
(a) Viejas
(b) Hijole
(c) Consentida
(d) Gritona

3. Of Woman Hollering Creek, the narrator says that “no one could say whether the woman had hollered from anger or” what?
(a) Pain
(b) Sadness
(c) Confusion
(d) Pity

4. The heroine of “You or No One” is also said to be in commercials for what product in the story?
(a) Bic razors
(b) Bayer aspirin
(c) Suave shampoo
(d) Lubriderm lotion

5. Dolores’ husband is said to have died from what in the story?
(a) Grief
(b) A heart attack
(c) Cancer
(d) Emphysema

Short Answer Questions

1. Cleofilas has doubts about her husband’s fidelity when she finds what arranged in the bathroom a different way?

2. At what time does Graciela’s friend agree to meet Cleofilas to take her to the bus station?

3. How many brothers does Cleofilas have in “Woman Hollering Creek”?

4. By what term does the narrator refer to the local bar where Juan Pedro drinks?

5. What does the narrator describe Cleofilas buying in the center of the town where she grew up in “that will appear in a day and a half as a pimple on her backside”?

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