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This title refers to a Mexican news–magazine specializing in graphic photographs of accidents and murder victims.


This word refers to a type of limited–run serial dramatic television show that is popular in Latin America.

"You or No One"

This show, with the Spanish title "Tu o Nadie" is a current favorite of Cleofilas.

Monclova, Coahuila

This is the northern Mexican town where Cleofilas was born and raised.

Seguin, Texas

This is the city that Juan Pedro takes Cleofilas to live in after they wed.

Laredo, Texas

Juan Pedro promises to take Cleofilas to this town to buy her wedding dress.

Woman Hollering Creek

This is the body of water that flows by the protagonist's house.

San Antonio, Texas

Graciela asks her friend Felice to drive Cleofilas to the bus depot in this city.


This is the setting where Trini works as an attendant...

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