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• “Woman Hollering Creek” is a short story by Sandra Cisneros.

• The story begins with Don Serafin giving Juan Pedro Martinez Sanchez permission to marry his only daughter, Cleofilas; Juan Pedro plans to take Cleofilas to live in the United States.

• Don already knows that the day will come when his daughter will look south and wish she were at home with her family.

• As Cleofilas is getting ready to leave, Don reminds his daughter that he is her father and he will never abandon her.

• Cleofilas thinks about this, especially on nights when Juan Pedro doesn't come home.

• The story reverts to an earlier time through a flashback; the town were Cleofilas grew up does not have much excitement.

• The heroine of Cleofilas’ favorite novella, You or No One, has experienced all types of hardships, but believes that staying kind and loving no matter what...

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