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Qanatir Prison

The main woman from this story is imprisoned in here, and this is where Nawal El Saadawi visits and interviews her.

Firdaus' Father's House

The main woman of the story spends her childhood living here.

El Azhar

This is a school only for men.


This is the city where the main character goes to live after her parents' deaths.


This country is the main setting of this book.

Firdaus' Uncle's House

The protagonist lives here until the owner marries and sends her to the boarding section of the school.


The protagonist is sent here after her parents die and she loves it.

Sheikh Mahmoud's House

The protagonist lives here after her marriage but she runs away to the streets when her husband beats her.

Bayoumi's House

The protagonist runs here after leaving her marriage. Though he is kind at first, this person eventually...

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