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Lesson 1 (from Author's Preface)


Author's Preface

There is a blurred line that arises at times between narrator and author. This can lead to confusion as to whether a story is fiction or non-fiction. Fiction is a story that is made-up where as non-fiction is a true story. Today's lesson will examine the differences between fiction and non-fiction.


1) Class Discussion: What is a fiction? Fiction is a story that is made up by the author with no factual evidence. What is non-fiction? Non-fiction are true stories or true facts described by the author. Why might a reader confuse fiction and non-fiction? How might narration confuse the reader?

2) Group Discussion: Where does the book "Woman at Point Zero" belong, fiction or non-fiction? Create three columns, non-fiction, fiction and both. Write elements that fit into each category to help decide where this book belongs. Discuss as a class how these elements lend...

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