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Essay Topic 1

When considering El Saadawi's life, where do you believe she found the inspiration for this book? What does this book cause you to think about the author's life? What do you believe El Saadawi set out to achieve with this book? Did she accomplish it?

Essay Topic 2

What role does El Saadawi play in this book other then author? How does she relate to Firdaus? Do they learn from each other or is El Saadawi the only one that benefits from the relationship?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the events of Firdaus' life. How does she change from the beginning to the end of the book? Why? Do you believe Firdaus is innocent at the start of the book? Choose one other character in the book (other than El Saadawi) and explain their relationship with Firdaus.

Essay Topic 4

How does El Saadawi address the theme of power in...

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