Woman at Point Zero Character Descriptions

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This person is imprisoned and sentenced to death for killing a man, but refuses to sign an appeal to lessen the sentence to life imprisonment.

Nawal El Saadawi

The author writes this novel after an encounter in Qanatir Prison.

Firdaus' Father

A poor, illiterate, peasant farmer, this individual attends mosque with the other men and praises the imam's eloquence.

Firdaus' Mother

This woman is asked how she gave birth without a father.


A little boy who played bride and bridegroom in the fields as a child.

Firdaus' Uncle

This person sends the main individual to school when her father dies.

Uncle's Wife

This person objects to having sex with her husband because it is sinful.


This individual talks about being in love with her cousin.

Miss Iqbal

This person is a favorite teacher at a secondary school.

Sheikh Mahmoud

This person is virtuous with a...

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