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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Todash: Chapter 3, Mia, Chapter 4, Palaver, and Chapter 5, Overholser.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of Calvin Tower's used bookstore?
(a) Rizzoli Bookstore.
(b) Kinokuniya Bookstore.
(c) Strand Bookstore.
(d) Manhattan Restaurant of the Mind.

2. Why is the vacant lot important?
(a) Because Eddie and Jake know it's valuable real estate in the future, and they want to buy it cheap so they can resell it and make a large amount of money.
(b) Because the mobsters think there is gold and other valuable minerals underneath the soil.
(c) Because Roland believes that the Dark Tower is built upon it and exists there in the future.
(d) Because on the lot grows a rose that has something to do with the Dark Tower.

3. What does Eddie hear when he and Jake are in the office of the bookstore, after Eddie begins to read the paperwork?
(a) A police siren.
(b) Chimes.
(c) A fire engine siren.
(d) The bell at the door of the store that goes off when customers enter or leave.

4. Where did Andy come from?
(a) Calla Bryn Sturgis.
(b) Nobody knows.
(c) New York City.
(d) The Dark Tower.

5. Why does Eddie start to read the paperwork the group is discussing in the storeroom?
(a) Eddie wants to learn how to read.
(b) Eddie believes it has something to do with why he and Jake arrived at the store.
(c) The storeowner can't read the paperwork.
(d) Eddie is nosy.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do Jake and Eddie travel away from Roland?

2. What year did Jake die the first time?

3. Who calls a meeting of the men in the community to suggest that the people of the community stand up and fight against the wolves the next time they come?

4. Why does Eddie think that there is a reason he and Jake traveled to the bookstore?

5. Why is the second-hand bookstore so important?

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