Wolves of the Calla Character Descriptions

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Roland Deschain

This character hails from a different world, trained at a young age to fight with honor, courage, and character instead of simply with a gun.

Susannah Dean/Odetta Holmes/Detta Walker/Mia

This resilient character is not a single being, but many.

Eddie Dean

This character is from the big city and danced with drug addiction.

Jake Chambers

This character is young in years, yet has died twice.

Father Donald Callahan/Pere Callahan/The Old Fella

The weight of the sin, borne of boredom, is carried by this character who hides under a cassock.

Ben and Benny Slightman

One of these characters appears taciturn and placid, but in reality is a traitor motivated by dread and despair; the other looks in the mirror and sees one where there should be two.

Tian and Zalia Jaffords

One of these characters is excessively passionate, moving a community to...

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