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Prologue, Roont and Part 1, Todash: Chapter 1, The Face on the Water and Chapter 2, New York Groove

Prologue: Roont

• The main characters in this story are a gunslinger, Roland, and his companions, or ka-tet, on a journey to find the Dark Tower, a building that Roland and his ka-tet believe is the center of all universes.
Part 1, Chapter 1: The Face on the Water

• A small farming and ranching community called Calla Bryn Sturgis has a problem.

• There is an abnormally high instance of twins in the Calla, and every generation a group called the Wolves comes and kidnaps one of each twin.

• The twins are returned later but are severely damaged; they grow to be giants and die quickly.

• One member of the Calla calls a town meeting and suggests that the villagers fight the Wolves, but not all of the village agrees with him.

• The town priest tells...

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