Wolf Hollow Short Answer Test Questions

Lauren Wolk
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1. In the Prologue, how old is Annabelle when she learns to lie?

2. What year is Annabelle 12?

3. When did Annabelle's aunt Lily give her a china piggy bank?

4. What type of shoes does Annabelle's mother wear in Chapter 1?

5. Who does Betty live with in Chapter 1?

6. How many students are at Annabelle's school in Chapter 1?

7. Who gives up her desk for Betty in Chapter 1?

8. When does Betty arrive at Annabelle's school?

9. How long has the farmhouse where Annabelle lives been in her family?

10. In Chapter 1, how much does Annabelle's grandfather tell her people used to get for bounty for wolf ears?

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