Objects & Places from Wolf Hollow

Lauren Wolk
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Piggy Bank

This is something that Annabelle’s aunt Lily gives her for her fifth Christmas, and that Annabelle drops when she is trying to get out a penny to give to Betty and stop her from threatening her.


This is something the McBride family wins, that Toby begins to use, and that helps form a connection between Annabelle and Toby.


This is a plant that is used to treat poison ivy and that symbolizes kindness.


These are something that Annabelle and her mother pick and that symbolize the way that Annabelle would like life and Betty to be.

Seasons Changing Sermon

This is something Annabelle hears at church and that symbolizes the changes Annabelle is experiencing in her life.


This is something Betty and Andy string across a path to hurt Annabelle’s brothers, and that injures James.

Turtle Stone

This is a...

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