Wolf Hollow Fun Activities

Lauren Wolk
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Author Interview

Write ten questions that you would ask the author if you could interview her.


Discuss with a group why Betty might have been such a bully based upon what is known about her life and her family.

Turtle Rock

Draw a sketch of Turtle Rock and the place where it sits.

Toby's Shack

Create a diorama of Toby's shack.

Map It

Draw a map of Wolf Hollow. Include the McBride farm, Toby's shack, the schoolhouse, the church, and other landmarks.


Find a recipe for Hickory Nut pie. Research where you might be able to buy hickory nuts to make the pie.


Draw a picture of the major characters in the novel: Annabelle, Betty, and Toby.

Wolf Hollow: The Movie

Imagine that you are the director of a movie based on the book. List the actors you would choose to play the main characters...

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