Wolf Hollow Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Lauren Wolk
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Essay Topic 1

The novel takes place in Wolf Hollow Pennsylvania. What role does the setting take in the novel? How does the setting advance the plot?

Essay Topic 2

Betty is bullying Annabelle in the novel. Why does Annabelle not tell her parents about the bullying? What consequences are there because Annabelle does not reveal the bullying at first? How does the bullying affect Annabelle and her character?

Essay Topic 3

Annabelle develops a relationship with Toby. How would you describe Annabelle’s relationship with him? Why does she enjoy his company? What makes her think that he is trustworthy?

Essay Topic 4

Annabelle wishes that life could be like beets. How does Annabelle describe beets? What do beets symbolize for Annabelle, and why does she wish life would be more like beets?

Essay Topic 5

Toby is kind to Annabelle. In what ways is Toby kind to Annabelle? How does his...

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