Wolf Hollow Character Descriptions

Lauren Wolk
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This character is almost 12, loves her family, becomes friends with a World War I veteran, and suffers bullying.


This character moves to live with her grandparents, bullies others, lies frequently, and dies after falling into a well.


This character lives in a shack and is a former carpenter from Maryland who had bad experiences during World War I.

Sarah McBride

This character is 28, the mother of three children, and she lives with her husband’s extended family on their farm.

John McBride

This character is a hard worker on his farm, lives with his extended family, and who loves his wife and three children.

Aunt Lily

This character is a very opinionated person who works as at the post office and lives with her extended family.


This character is a school girl who loses her eye when a rock is thrown and hits her in...

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