Wolf Hollow Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Lauren Wolk
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Prologue - Chapter 5

• In the Prologue, Annabelle McBride explains how 1943 was a pivotal year for her.

• It was the year she turned 12, and the year she learned to tell lies based upon fears she had.

• Between World War II and a disagreeable new girl who came to town, Annabelle’s normal life spun out of control.

• During that year, Annabelle also learned that actions mattered.

• In 1943, Annabelle accidentally breaks her piggy bank attempting to get a penny out.

• She buries the pieces of the bank, and she hides the coins.

• Her mother asks Annabelle about the piggy bank, because her mother thinks Annabelle hid the bank to prevent theft.

• Three generations of Annabelle’s family live on a farm in Wolf Hollow, Pennsylvania.

• This includes Annabelle, her parents, her two brothers, her grandparents, and her Aunt Lily.

• The area got its name because of the pits that were...

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