Wolf by the Ears Fun Activities

Ann Rinaldi
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Monticello Model

Build a model of Monticello using craft sticks or any other medium you like. Be sure to look up pictures of the real Monticello so that you can make your model as realistic as possible.

Research Jefferson

Using the internet, books, and/or other resources found in the library, research the real Jefferson. Write a three to four page report on the man and his life.

Portrait of Harriet

Draw, paint, or sculpt a portrait of what you believe Harriet to look like based on information found in the book and your own imagination.

A Day in Harriet's Life

What do you think Harriet's life was like on the plantation? Create a schedule showing the activities that might have occurred in Harriet's daily life. For example, when did she eat breakfast, and what might she have eaten? What tasks was she required to do?

Freedom Collage

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