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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10,.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Mayor Thorin's cultured political voice suddenly change to?
(a) A down town voice.
(b) A housing projects voice.
(c) A farm-hand voice.
(d) A back country voice.

2. How does Roland learn the instructions Rhea told Susan?
(a) He reads Rhea's diary.
(b) He hypnotizes Susan.
(c) He hypnotizes Rhea.
(d) Susan tells him while she is sleeping.

3. How does King describe true love?
(a) Boring.
(b) Fabulous.
(c) Fun.
(d) Heartbreaking.

4. Which two characters confront Roland in this section?
(a) Jonas and Rimer.
(b) Susanna and Susan.
(c) Cuthbert and Alain.
(d) Depape and Reynolds.

5. What does Susan do after her argument with her aunt?
(a) Rides her horse.
(b) Sews.
(c) Writes a poem.
(d) Destroys her best clothes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a thinny?

2. What comes out of the white shape when Roland strikes it?

3. What does Roland tell Alain he sees?

4. Who is Jonas sitting with in the Traveller's Rest?

5. What does Susan say the mayor did when she visited him?

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