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Short Answer Questions

1. Eve recalls what kind of incident that took place with her father?

2. What is often very difficult to understand despite the facts of the case?

3. How many years ago had the incident taken place?

4. Where does Dallas meet the character to discuss the case?

5. The woman retired to which Midwestern city?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the conversation between Eve and Roarke that disturbs Eve?

2. What is the interaction between Peabody and Dallas while they are waiting to hear information on Trueheart's condition?

3. Who is present at Carly Landsdowne's apartment when Eve and Peabody go there to question Carly?

4. What is discussed during Eve's meeting with Mira regarding the case?

5. How did Stiles use his skills to avoid police detection?

6. Explain the scene between Dallas and Anja Carvell regarding Carly's parentage.

7. What non-factual information does Mira believe Eve needs to take into account regarding the case?

8. Discuss Peabody's evening out on the town with Charles. What upsets Peabody?

9. What news is given to Nadine when she arrives at the house? What is her reaction?

10. What happens when Peabody confronts Dallas at the home office?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Examine the relationship between Roarke and Summerset. How is Summerset different from a typical employee? How long have the men known each other? What is their relationship on a personal level? What exactly is Summerset's job? What is the relationship between Eve and Summerset? Do they really hate each other? If so, why? Do they really feel about each other on the inside as it appears on the outside? What makes them tolerant of one another?

Essay Topic 2

Areena Mansfield drugged Linus Quim. After Quim was docile, Areena forced him to write a note of confession and then hang himself. Examine Areena's plan. Would the plan actually work? What drug was used to incapacitate Quim? Does the drug really exist? What is its medicinal purpose? What was it used for in the story? Are the effects of the drug accurate as portrayed in the story? Can the drug kill someone? How does it override a person's sense of survival? How else might Areena have killed Quim while making it look like a suicide?

Essay Topic 3

Areena Mansfield/Anja Carvell is the birth mother of Carly Landsdowne as well as Michael Proctor. While Carly was given up for adoption, Michael was not. What was the difference in the scenarios? What made Areena give up Carly but keep Michael? Compare and contrast the scenarios as well as the resulting parent/child relationships. How did the decisions ultimately affect each person? Could the relationships ever be repaired? Does anyone want to try to repair the relationships? Explain.

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