Objects & Places from Witness in Death

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New Globe Theater

The theater owned by Roarke where the murder of Richard Draco takes place.

The Blue Squirrel

The bar where Eve Dallas used to meet with her friends and where she meets with Nadine Furst.

NYPSD/ New York Police and Safety Department

The police department in New York City where Eve Dallas is a homicide detective.


The device used in the future to prepare meals. Meals are programmed into the unit and a person requests the programmed meal which is dispensed.

Wild Rabbit

A date rape drug that works only on women.

Drink Tube

A container in the future in which soft drinks are dispensed, as opposed to cans or bottles.

Witness for the Prosecution

The play that is performed in the New Globe Theater.


A resort owned by Roarke, located on a different planet.


The police station where Eve Dallas works.

The Palace

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