Witness in Death Character Descriptions

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Eve Dallas

This character is a homicide detective with the New York Police and Security Department in the year 2059.


A billionaire many times over, this character is married to Eve Dallas.

Richard Draco

This character is a famous actor who is murdered on opening night of the play in which he stars.

Delia Peabody

This character is a police aide to Eve Dallas.

Dr. Charlotte Mira

This character is the police department psychiatrist.


This man serves as Roarke's butler.

Charles Monroe

This character is a licensed companion or prostitute.

Areena Mansfield

This is the female lead in Witness for the Prosecution.

Carly Landsdowne

An actress in the play, this character is involved in the murder of Richard Draco.

Michael Proctor

This young man is cast as the understudy for Draco.

Ian McNab

This character is a detective in the Electronics Department at the NYPSD.

Ryan Feeney

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