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Chapters 1-3

• Police Lieutenant Eve Dallas is introduced as is her husband, Roarke.

• Dallas investigates the murder of Richard Draco, an actor.

• Draco was murdered onstage during a performance.
• Dallas secures the scene along with Dr. Mira and her aide, Peabody.

• Various actors are introduced.
• The murder weapon was a prop knife.

• Dallas dodges the media.
• Dallas meets with Whitney and involves Feeney and EDD.

• Dallas interviews Kenneth Stiles.
• Dallas finds out the cause of death from Morse.

Chapters 4-6

• Dallas interviews Michael Proctor.

• Dallas gets in touch with Nadine Furst, a news reporter.

• Nadine had a relationship with Draco six years ago.
• Roarke forwards all pertinent financial data to Feeney.
• Dallas hates that Peabody and McNab may be dating.
• Wild Rabbit is found in Draco's apartment.

• Dallas is angry about Charles' relationship with Peabody.

• Mansfield is interviewed.
• Dallas has a recurring nightmare about her father.

Chapters 7-9

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